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Sensory skills


The course aims at the full acquisition of the ability to recognize comparison and description of the organoleptic characteristics of coffee.
Moving on to the recognition of the basic taste of sweet sour and bitter coffee, continuing by exploiting our senses recognizing the spicy floral fruity flavor up to chocolate etc , evaluating the various astringency defects and much more.
The sensory skills foundation module provides an in-depth study that allows us through the sense organs, sensory evaluation (taste, flavor, body) 
The course aims to bring the student to such a level of ability, so you can evaluate a coffee using your own sense organs. The module is divided into three levels: foundation, intermediate, professional. It provides SCA certification*.


*The SCA, Specialty Coffee Association, is an organization that sets the recognized professional standards for those who want to take a path in the world of coffee from plantation to cup, and especially the scientific side of coffee and coffee specialty. SCA certifications are recognized worldwide, thanks to connections with the organization "sisters" Specialty Coffee Association of Australia and the homonymous American.  The certification exams are held on five training areas: Coffee introduction, Green Coffee, Tasting, Roasting, Barista and Brewing and on three levels: Fondation, Intermediate and Professional.
  • The purpose of coffee tasting.  The organs of the senses involved in coffee tasting: eyes, nose, mouth.
  • The phases of coffee tasting: visual, olfactory, gustatory, tactile and aftertaste.
  • Acidity, bitterness, sweetness, body, flavour: the use of professional terminology.
  • SCA Flavour Wheel and its division into Enzimathic, Sugar Browning and Dry Distillation
  • What is cupping, the professional coffee tasting system.
  • The concept of coffee specialty (over 80 points) and Cup of excellence (over 90)
  • Cupping of different coffees: arabica, robusta, recognition of some typical defects of coffee
  • The espresso tasting, the espresso tasting card, the role of sugar

The course has an extremely practical approach, and consists of several sessions on:

  • The different tasting protocols, in cupping and triangulation forms
  • Refinement of the ability to recognize different acids and at different concentrations
  • Ability to recognize and order more or less bitter solutions
  • Ability to recognize and order more or less acidic or sweet solutions
  • Identification of individual flavourings, not by family
  • Ability to set up and conduct a cupping session
  • Triangulation exercises between cupping, filter and espresso coffee
  • Recognition exercises +/- between different coffees

Il modulo professional del sensory può difficilmente essere definito un corso. Di fatto, parti pratiche e teoriche si intersecano in un continuo confronto fra trainer e studente. 
Gli obiettivi sono
·      Allineare lo studente agli standard del mercato del caffè
·      Affinare la capacità di identificare e valutare le qualità del caffè verde fino a definire uno specialty coffee
·      Misurare e descrivere accuratamente le caratteristiche della caffé usando la terminologia tecnica
·      Imparare a generare misurazioni sensoriali ripetibili e interpretarne i risultati.
·      Essere capaci di assumere il ruolo di panel leader in una azienda.
*SCA suggerisce, per affrontare questo esame di aver già preso parte al livello SCA Green foundation. E’ inoltre richiesto di aver preso parte al livello sensory intermediate almeno tre mesi prima

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