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We learn the various extraction methods in addition to espresso, to offer customers a greater offer and service.  The various extraction methods from V60 to cold brew (cold extraction) through the aero press chemex and much more. The module is divided into three levels: foundation, intermediate, professional and SCA certification*.

*The SCA, Specialty Coffee Association, is an organization that sets the recognized professional standards for those who want to take a path in the world of coffee from plantation to cup, and especially the scientific side of coffee and coffee specialty. SCA certifications are recognized worldwide, thanks to connections with the organization "sisters" Specialty Coffee Association of Australia and the homonymous American. The certification exams are held on five training areas: Coffee introduction, Green Coffee, Tasting, Roasting, Barista and Brewing and on three levels: Fondation, Intermediate and Professional.
•  Introduction to brewing
•  Strength and extraction, the SCA Brewing chart
•  The Essentials of Brewing
•  The French press
•  The world of Drippers (V60, CHEMEX...)
•  Clever and Bonavita Dripper, practical tests
•  The syphon, practical tests
•  The aeropress, practical tests 
•  Italian coffee makers, Moka and Napoletana
•  Coffee makers from around the world: Turkish Ibrik, Vietnamese Phin, Arab Dallah
•  Cold coffee: Cold drip and cold brew... and final tasting!
•  Tests and practical tests
With an extremely practical approach and consists of several sessions on:
· The use of brew charts and their practical use
· The use of the refractometer
· How to measure and change strength and extraction in an extraction
· Modulate extraction in a cold brew
· The role of water and its chemical composition
· Extraction by various methods (v60, Chemex, Syphon, Kalita wave...) using water with different mineral contents
· The concept of bimodal grinding and the role of fines
·Extraction with different filter media with the same coffee to understand they change the aromatic profile
· Particle size analysis, introducing the concept of particle size curve

*SCA suggests, for this course, that you have also taken part in the foundation level of sensory course.
As in the style of SCA professional courses, the course is a long and articulated path with many practical phases.
· You start by analyzing with the Brew control chart cups prepared by changing the extraction parameters.  The student must indicate how to modify them to obtain the desired result.
· It is tested how different extraction water temperatures affect the quality of the drink, and how preinfusion (so-called blooming) or turbulence affect the Brew Control Chart.
· The student will then be called to extract and measure with the Brew Control Chart beverages with a percentage of extraction of 16%, 20% and 24% while maintaining the same strength (ex 1.3%) and will have to best explain the different result in the cup.
· Three cups must be prepared with the same extraction percentage of 20% but with different strengths (1.15%, 1.35% and 1.45%)
· Using sieves (type Kruve) will be analyzed the impact of different measures of particulates for the extraction of coffee and the role of fines (under 400 microns) and Boulders (over 800 microns).
· We work on how to use the bypass technique to properly dilute the drink, a technique that is often used to extract large volumes of coffee or to speed up the extraction process.
· Water we measure with the new SCA Water Chart alkalinity, total hardness and Ph, to get a very precise picture of the water used and how it can affect the result in the cup .
*SCA suggests, to face this test, that you have already taken part in the SCA sensory intermediate level. It’s also required to have taken part in intermediate brewing at least three months before.
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