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Green Coffee


This course aims to acquire the skills, in evaluating know and market the raw. To know the various botanical species, the measurement of the humidity and density of the raw, the classification of the green, the classification of the defects for the SCA* the classification of the riddles and the market of the futures.

*The SCA, Specialty Coffee Association, is an organization that sets the recognized professional standards for those who want to take a path in the world of coffee from plantation to cup, and especially the scientific side of coffee and coffee specialty. SCA certifications are recognized worldwide, thanks to connections with the organization "sisters" Specialty Coffee Association of Australia and the homonymous American.

The certification exams are held on five training areas: Coffee introduction, Green Coffee, Tasting, Roasting, Barista and Brewing and on three levels: Fondation, Intermediate and Professional.
· The green coffee route, from the plantation a long journey to the final cup
· Cultivation, the coffee belt the equatorial belt  
· Climate impact, as affected by wind and rain 
· Collection, the various methods used by specialty and commercial 
· Processing, each coffee processed differently from washed to natural by honey 
· Defects, classification of SCA defects and Brazilians, Crop 
· Humidity: Essential hygrometer for measuring humidity, several high or low humidity problems 
· Riddles, measuring 1/64 inch on crop, how it affects quality 
· Market, listed coffee, futures market and bio certifications
· Cupping: Brazilian method of evaluating a coffee sample
· Beyond the "arabica and robust" the concept of varieties and cultivars
· Structure and nomenclature of the grain
· Deepening of the grain processing and its organoleptic changes
· The measurement of density
· Measuring the degree of humidity
· Mushrooms, toxins and coffee moulds
· Coffee trading, the Incoterm system
· The concept of differential in the composition of the price of coffee
· Practical trials to identify the variety
· Practical tests for the identification of major and secondary defects
· Practical tests for measuring humidity and density
· Cupping test: distinguish if the coffee tasted is equal to the sample given
· Practical tests on the intermediate SCA green coffee exam
· Possible examination Green coffee SCA intermediate
· Cupping on the Intensity of defects
· Cupping to define quality stability
· Cupping for the evaluation of sample freshness and harvest year
· Create a coffee/blend that meets the customer’s needs. Blend matching
· Manage a mixture as crops and stocks.  Complementary coffees
· Sorting and cupping a specialty coffee with the SCAA tasting board
· Definition of the price of the latter coffee

*SCA suggests, in order to take this exam, that you have already taken part at least in the Intermediate SCA Sensory Skills.  It’s also required to have taken part in the green intermediate level at least three months before.
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