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Your own personal coffee!

The strength of a brand lies in its products, and we at Gambilongo Caffè, a renowned Calabrian roaster with a history that dates back to 1960, are firmly convinced of this principle. This is why we decided to offer a tailor-made service for private label coffee. The research and the attention that we devote to the roasting of our coffee has allowed us to collaborate over the years with many companies dedicated to the sale and trade of coffee.

Thanks to our consolidated experience, we can guide you step by step in the creation of your custom coffee blend. We take care of every detail, from the selection of the best suppliers of materials to logistics for shipping your products.


Create your own coffee brand in a few steps.

Our third-party processing service is designed for distributors, franchises, roasters and companies eager to create their own brand of coffee in a simple and quick. Thanks to the modernity of our facilities, we are able to offer your private label coffee, roast it and package it in the format of grains. We carefully follow all stages of production, from roasting to the final product, ensuring maximum quality in every step.


In addition, we also work with the raw coffee provided directly by the customer and we toss it
according to its specific needs.


Our expertise in the sector also allows us to offer a tailor-made service: through an in-depth study of coffee, we are able to reproduce any type of mixture already in use by the customer. By choosing our third party processing service, you can count on us to make the coffee that best suits your needs and tastes.

With our state-of-the-art machinery, you have the option of printing your logo on envelopes with graphics already designed by us or on neutral wrappers.
It’s simple: maximum size 10x10 cm directly on the packaging of your products!

This innovative solution virtually reduces the initial investment needed to start a Private Label business to zero. Without the need for expensive molds or additional equipment, you can create a strong and distinctive identity from the start.

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Gambilongo Caffè was born in the sixties from the passion and experience that, handed down from generation to generation, led the company to establish itself, from the outset, distinguishing itself for the quality of the products and services offered.

NB: All products available on the site are intended for sale to the public, excluding any retailer.

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