Walkaround, the Gambilongo Specialty Coffee: An Exclusive Journey into the World of Specialty Coffee

 Walkaround, the Gambilongo Specialty Coffee: An Exclusive Journey into the World of Specialty Coffee
The world of coffee has undergone a revolution in recent years, with a growing interest in high quality coffee and the culture of Specialty Coffee. In this context, the Walkaround brand is emerging as a prominent name, bringing with it a unique experience in the world of specialty coffee. An integral part of our company, Walkaround comes as a distinctive brand that promises to take coffee lovers on an unprecedented sensory journey.

Specialty Coffee HondurasWalkaround: The Philosophy behind the Brand
Walkaround is not just a coffee brand; it is a complete experience that was born in March 2023, with the aim of popularizing the highest quality coffees, precisely the Specialty Coffee. The philosophy behind Walkaround is based on the idea of exploring, discovering and appreciating the many facets of specialty coffee, with the intent of also conveying the hard work of the grower. This brand is committed to providing not only high quality products but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in coffee culture in an engaging way. Walkaround was born with three different packaging, to indicate the origin of the coffee from the three main and different "continents growers", Asia, America and Africa.

The traceability shall:
Specialty Coffee is coffee of the highest quality, cared for by Farmers with special care already in plantation and from the very first days of life of the plant. When we talk about Specialty Coffee we also refer to the whole chain of that coffee, in fact of that particular coffee are known:
• Country of manufacture
• Farm
• Producer
• Altitude
• Manufacturing process
• Botanical variety
• A real ID card!

Artisan Roasting Process:
The heart of Walkaround lies in the artisanal roasting process. Our expert roasters devote all their time and experience to channeling a unique sensory experience into a cup. The result is a coffee that embodies the perfect balance between acid, sweet and bitter, and a variety of flavors ranging from floral fruity Ethiopia to spicy America.
Walkaround is more than just a coffee brand; it is an invitation to a sensory journey that celebrates the richness and diversity of specialty coffee. With a philosophy focused on exploration and discovery, Walkaround aims to become a landmark for coffee lovers looking for an authentic and fulfilling experience. Gambilongo Caffè has really created something special with the Specialty Coffee Walkaround, bringing a new meaning to coffee culture.

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