The importance of water in coffee: how to choose the perfect one

The importance of water in coffee: how to choose the perfect one
A cup of espresso is 90% water and only the remaining about 10% is dissolved coffee. When we taste our favorite espresso, we often attribute the merit or fault of the flavor to the blend or brand. However, the water we use plays a fundamental role in determining the final qualities of the drink.

What factors can determine its quality?
In addition to the quality of the espresso machine, also maintenance cleaning and temperature play an important role in the end result. Here, however, we want to emphasise above all the importance of water quality. Water is not really tasteless: for example, the content of mineral salts (fixed residue) affects its taste, so much so that you can recognize a high fixed residue water even at a blind taste.

But then, what is the ideal water for a good coffee? How do you choose the water to use? Here are some guidelines for you
SCA, Specialty Coffee Association, has identified key parameters for coffee preparation:
  • TDS: tra 125 mg/l e 175 mg/l.
  • TH: 50- 175 ppm
  • KH: 40-75 ppm
  • PH: tra 6 e 8
The water of the water network that we use for our espresso machine changes from common to common, for this reason, before installation you need to analyze the water quality and act with an appropriate cartridge, In this regard we will enhance the quality of our coffee and avoid limescale deposits inside the coffee machine creating fillings and a greater consumption of electricity.

How to find the perfect water? Measure with special drops the total hardness and the carbonate hardness as well as ,Ph
In short, water is a crucial element in the preparation of coffee. Choose it carefully to ensure a quality drink. 

Remember that water is just one of the factors that affect the characteristics of our espresso. 
Explore and experiment to find the perfect combination for your palate.


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