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Coffee, a story that starts from the most fascinating places in the world!🌱
From mountainous regions to remote valleys, Specialty Coffee is a journey through distant lands.
Specialty Coffee is not just a drink, but an authentic sensory experience that connects us to the distant lands where coffee comes from. This refined category of coffee goes beyond the simplicity of a morning coffee, immersing yourself in the history of remote plantations, in the expert hands of growers and in the arts of roasting and preparation.
Specialty Coffees are carefully selected fine beans, often from specific geographical regions. Characterized by distinct aromas, complex flavors and superior quality, these coffees offer a unique taste experience that reflects the territory and the artisanal commitment of producers.

🌿  Precious Beans: Coffee is carefully selected from exclusive plantations, where the microclimate and altitude give the coffee a unique taste.
🌄 Ancient Traditions: From the terraces of the Andes to the plantations of Ethiopia, the cultivation techniques handed down for generations shape the character of each grain.
👩🌾 Passionate Growers: Behind every cup is a "farmer" who dedicates his life to creating an extraordinary product, with passion and respect for the land.

Some historical notes:
The term specialty coffee was coined in the early 70’s in the United States where the SCAA was born, in 2017 SCAA (Specialty coffee Association of America) is unified with SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) giving birth to the current SCA ( Specialty Coffee Association). The institution to which the 'specialty coffee' refers is precisely the SCA https://sca.coffee that establishes with universal language the international evaluation protocol.

Specialty Coffee aims to channel in the cup the quality of the entire supply chain and refers to the highest quality coffee according to the scoring standards and guidelines for the classification of coffee, Because green coffee beans get 80 points or more on the Coffee Review scale, a 350 gram sample of beans contains up to 5 with defects and manual selection of ripe beans.
Further steps in the Specialty Coffee chain may consider other criteria, dictated by other guidelines, such as the roasting of green beans and the preparation of coffee by the barista. In some environments speaking of specialty coffee, gourmet coffee or tℎird wave coffee (third wave coffee) refers to what would be classified as "Specialty Coffee".

The coffee production chain goes through several crucial stages before reaching the final consumer. Every step in this process is essential, since it involves various protagonists, each with a fundamental role. From sowing in the fields to the cup that is in the hands of the consumer, coffee goes through several stages, each characterized by key players. In this intricate process, each participant plays a leading role, helping to shape the coffee experience that at the end of the journey arrives on the tables of consumers.

The coffee supply chain is an intricate story from the early stages of plant life, where elements such as "terroir" play a fundamental role. From the moment of sowing, through the careful harvesting of only mature drupes and the processing process, every step is crucial. In this scenario the roaster emerges as a new protagonist, facing with maximum attention the different phases and protocols necessary to preserve the essence of "Specialty Coffee". But the narrative does not end here... The barista is the ultimate witness to this story, with the challenging task of being the director of a film in which coffee enhancement is a top priority. Water quality, grammage, grain size and temperature are just some of the many elements that can affect the result of a single cup of coffee, turning it into an unforgettable experience. Every detail counts in this compelling story of Specialty Coffee.

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