Cold Brew Coffee: let’s discover together with Jonathan the secrets of this delicious drink.

Cold Brew Coffee: let’s discover together with Jonathan the secrets of this delicious drink.
With the arrival of the summer, there is nothing better than a Cold Brew Coffee: a drink easy to prepare and refreshing!

In this article, we will reveal some trivia about this fabulous summer cafe. Cold Brew is obtained by letting the large ground coffee macerate in cold water for a prolonged period, generally between 8 and 12 h, and then filter it. This unique method of extraction produces a less acidic and softer drink, perfect to serve with ice. It can be consumed concentrated or diluted with water or milk, depending on the desired intensity.
Cold Brew is an exceptional extraction method that is not yet widely known. But what are the differences and advantages of cold extraction compared to traditional hot extraction? Our trainer Jonathan explains that the relevance of Cold Brew lies in the ability to slowly extract fats and oils naturally present in coffee, preserving them from oxidation. The cold extraction allows to extract in lower quantities the fats and oils of coffee, thus preserving its scents, aromas and benefits. This method allows you to use the drink for 48-72h without major changes, provided that it is properly stored cold.

Tradition vs Quality

Jonathan tells us that the lack of professionalism and knowledge of coffee have led to the spread of unfair practices that have become part of the tradition. Until recently, it was common to order a cold coffee in a bar and receive a kind of coffee granita, prepared with espresso or moka and then sweetened. Preparing cold coffee in this way, in addition to being unhealthy, destroys the qualities of coffee, making it lose benefits, aromas, taste, body and density.
But who invented Cold Brew Coffee?
The first evidence of a coffee drink made with cold water dates back to Kyoto, Japan. Already in the sixteenth century, the Japanese filtered coffee. It is probable that the grains arrived on the Japanese coast thanks to the Dutch merchants, the only ones authorized to trade with Japan, who probably carried them on their ships during the ocean crossings.

Unlike the current method of prolonged infusion, coffee made in Kyoto is extracted drop by drop, with water slowly filtering through the coffee grounds. This traditional method creates a refined and visually fascinating drink.

Not only in Japan, but also in other Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and India, they have developed their own versions of cold coffee, often using cold extraction or starting from soluble coffee. In the United States, Cold Brew Coffee has become popular only in the last decade. Recently, cold extraction systems reminiscent of traditional Kyoto coffee shops have appeared.
This new trend is driven by some key factors. First of all, the preparation of Cold Brew Coffee is very practical and requires few manual operations, which makes it ideal for coffee shops wishing to present it as an art form. In addition, it is a creative and original way of offering an elegant and pleasant coffee experience. Finally, this delicious drink manages to highlight the unique characteristics of a monorigine coffee better than many other preparations!

The Ideal Coffee for Cold Brew Coffee

When it comes to choosing coffee for Cold Brew, you have freedom to experiment with dark or medium roasts. However, it is crucial to use a coarse grinding. This extraction method allows different flavor profiles to emerge, and you may find that darker roasts, usually 100% Arabica, are particularly suitable, offering notes of hazelnut and chocolate. For the preparation of our Cold Brew Coffee, Jonathan used the Moccamaster with 300 gr of water and 18 gr of coffee ground to 500/600 micron grain size.

Are you ready to discover the delicious world of Cold Brew Coffee? Experience this refreshing summer drink with our 100% Arabica Blend or our perfect Specialty Coffees to get the most out of your Cold Brew. Don’t wait, buy our coffee now and start creating your perfect Cold Brew experience. Have a good coffee!


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