Coffee in Italy: immerse yourself in the culture and curiosity of this iconic drink

Coffee in Italy: immerse yourself in the culture and curiosity of this iconic drink
Every day, around the world, about 2.23 billion cups of coffee are consumed, making it the most widespread beverage globally.

More specifically, European consumers rank at the top, accounting for about 55% of world coffee consumption, according to International Coffee Organization statistics dated 2022.
Coffee-related culture in Europe is steeped in a fascinating and rich history, which has varied over the years and adapted to the changing times. Coffee shops have played a vital role in shaping the continent’s political, intellectual and social fabric. From traditional Viennese cafés to elegant Parisian cafés, these places offer a unique setting where people can enjoy their favorite drink, participate in intellectual conversations or simply enjoy the views. Each European country has its own coffee traditions, but they all share the idea that the moment of coffee is more than a simple act of drinking, but rather an experience that embraces taste, history and conviviality.

The heart of Italian coffee culture lies in the invention of espresso, which has given rise to different varieties of drinks, each with its own particular "rules". For example, cappuccino is traditionally consumed only in the morning, for breakfast. However, in any situation or occasion, coffee is considered a drink to be enjoyed on the spot and represents a deeply rooted social ritual, with many similarities in French culture. In Scandinavian countries, however, coffee is an integral part of the concept of "fika": a social break in which you drink coffee, generally accompanied by sweets, in the company of colleagues, friends or family.
"I could deprive myself of everything but not a cup of coffee." cit.  Eduardo De Filippo.

Almost eighty years have passed since the famous scene in which Eduardo De Filippo pronounced this phrase, but the passion of Italians for coffee is still intense, as well as that of foreigners who continue to go crazy for our espresso and its endless variations on the theme.

But how to enjoy coffee without compromising the night’s rest? Italy is renowned as the homeland of espresso, a daily ritual for many of us, from morning coffee before entering the office, to mid-morning break, until after lunch. For Italians, coffee is not only a means to wake up, but also a moment of sociality and sharing. It is commonly accepted that coffee can interfere with sleep due to caffeine, but this belief is not entirely accurate. Although caffeine can disturb sleep, there are ways to consume coffee without compromising the quality of sleep.

Psychologist and sleep scientist Theresa Schnorbach, head of the Emma - The Sleep Company research team, recommends drinking plenty of water while drinking coffee, as caffeine is a diuretic that can cause dehydration and adversely affect sleep. Moreover, consuming coffee during a meal can slow down the absorption of caffeine into the blood, thereby reducing the stimulating effects.

Despite common thinking, the stimulating effect of caffeine can be beneficial in certain cases. Drinking a cup of coffee before a short afternoon rest, known as "coffee nap", can reduce the duration and improve mental acuity and concentration upon waking up. It is advisable to drink at least two shots of espresso before a "coffee nap", preferably after lunch, to maximize the benefits without compromising night sleep.

In conclusion, coffee is much more than just a drink for Italians: it represents a moment of sociality and sharing, as well as a valid ally to face the day. Despite fears about the possible negative effects on sleep quality, it is possible to enjoy coffee without compromising night rest, following certain precautions and making the most of the stimulating effect of caffeine in certain situations. As advocates of an authentic Italian coffee experience, the roasting company Gambilongo is committed to offering high quality coffee that can be enjoyed at any time of the day, while maintaining tradition and embracing innovation.


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