Coffee Cream: a delicious embrace of taste and flavor!

Coffee cream
Are you ready to delight your palate with a delicacy that will transport you directly to the best bars in Italy?

Coffee cream is that fresh and irresistible spoon dessert that we all love to enjoy after a lunch or dinner. But do you know that you can prepare it comfortably at home? In this article we will reveal all the secrets to make a perfect coffee cream, suitable both to be enjoyed alone and to become the protagonist ingredient of cakes and desserts. And don’t worry, you can use the coffee you prefer: from the classic glround for the moka to decaf or even soluble. We will also give you some tricks to get a flawless coffee cream, such as letting the coffee cool to room temperature before use and adding a touch of liquor to further enhance the flavor.

Are you ready to discover all the secrets of this delight? Read on and get ready for an unforgettable taste experience!

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The coffee cream is a fresh dessert spoon that you usually find at the bar, but easy to prepare at home.

It is perfect to be enjoyed alone, but also to stuff cakes and cakes made with sponge cake or even chocolate, best dark if you want to get the right contrast in the mouth!

Which coffee to use? What you want: the classic ground for the moka pot, the decaf or, if you prefer a lighter cream, the soluble one, simply melting a teaspoon in a little hot water.

A trick for a perfect coffee dessert is definitely to use the ingredients cold, so wait until the coffee has reached a room temperature. Even better if you can leave it in the fridge for an hour before preparation.

If you want to give an extra touch to your coffee foam, add a dash of liqueur, like the Baileys, which being already coffee-based and with a very creamy texture, will only accentuate the taste and density of your cream. 


Coffee (of the mocha, to cool well) 70 g
Sugar 40 g
Liquid fresh cream (refrigerator cold) 300 g



To prepare the coffee cream, first prepare the coffee with the mocha, they will serve 70 g. Then sweeten it and mix well. Let the coffee cool first at room temperature for a few minutes and then refrigerate for at least 2 hours. When the 2 hours have passed, pour the fresh liquid cream into a bowl, very cold.  Start to mount it with an electric mixer and as soon as it is semi-whipped (that is, as soon as it starts to have a creamier consistency), add the previously sweetened coffee, very cold fridge, pouring it flush on the cream continuing to run the electric whips.  Continue working the mixture, until it is fully assembled. Then cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least an hour before serving your coffee cream.


You can sprinkle your coffee cream with cinnamon powder or cocoa powder!


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